Dental health is crucial to not only ORAL health but the wellness of the entire patient!

Dental disease can lead to malnutrition, discomfort, and even heart disease.   As in humans, it is best to have routine cleanings and not to wait until teeth are abscessed, painful, or loose.  Good maintenance care can prevent tooth loss and discomfort, not to mention expensive procedures down the road!  

       The main goal of good dental hygiene and check ups is to identify a problem BEFORE it causes pain/discomfort or chronic disease in our patients.  As with your own dentist, dental x-rays are crucial to finding periodontal disease below the surface of the gum line. Our state of the art dental radiography will ensure your pet leaves our hospital with the healthiest mouth possible.  Just think about how much better those kisses will be! 

Book a dental exam and cleaning with JIVH today and get a head start on your pet's long, happy, healthy life!

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